KELZ KIDZ Durable Jumbo Squishy Water Bead Stress Balls (4 Pack) - Great Sensory Toy for Anxiety Relief for Children and Adults - Helps Calm Kids with ADHD & Autism


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  • JUMBO BALLS - STRONG SKIN - Our JUMBO Bead Balls are superior than the rest. They are JUMBO! Don't try to grip a small inferior bead ball that the market is filled with. Get a Jumbo and feel the amazing beads massage your whole hand! Our balls are made with our exclusive long lasting skin and are sealed with a premium plug to prevent any balls from breaking open. Try your today and feel the JUMBO difference!
  • COMPLETE SENSORY EXPERIENCE - Try stretching the balls and enjoy hearing the squishy sound of the beads, try squeezing the balls and feel the beads sliding between your fingers., throw them in the air and catch them! PLEASE NOTE: Balls have a sticky texture for a richer sensory experience and to ensure that they stretch properly as guaranteed in the title. If dirt sticks to the balls, they can be rinsed with warm soapy water and will be as clean as new!
  • KIDS SAFE & NON-TOXIC - When we write Kids Safe we really mean it. As with all of our toys, we test our balls under highly qualified testing labs to ensure that every aspect of our construction is 100% safe for kids and adults alike. We have worked hard to make sure that they are completely free of any danger and at the same time are the most fun Water Bead Balls out there!
  • OUR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - You have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We unequivocally stand behind all of our high quality kids products. Any Questions or Concerns? We will take care of you until you are completely satisfied with your water Bead Bead Balls! PLEASE REACH OUT TO US!
  • THE PROVEN STRESS RELIEF FOR KIDS & ADULTS - Water Bead Balls have been a favorite school and therapy prize for a long time. There is a reason for that. Using our balls in a stressful environment can greatly release harmful stress whether it is for a kid who needs a healthy outlet or an adult who is having a stressful day at work. Great fidget and therapeutic toy for people with sensory deficiencies, Autism, and ADD.

Details: Try them out today!

Item Condition: New

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