Canvas Craft Tote Bags for Crafts, Gift Bags, Wedding Favors Bags, Welcome Bags, Goody Bags, Lunch Bags and More!


  • $24.73



  • VARIETY OF USES- These Natural Colored lightweight craft tote bags are a lighter 6oz. version of our very popular 10oz. canvas tote bags. Customers loving our high quality but wanting something a little smaller and lighter with a price that is even more economical have found these totes to be the perfect alternative. Can be used as a craft bag to bring out your creative skills with tie dye, HTV vinyl, embroidery, stencils, or just plain and fun fabric markers
  • THE QUALITY DIFFERENCE- At Kelz & Co. we know you work hard for your money and want it spent in the best way. You want excellent quality. These totes will not disappoint you. Our expert sewers use only precise heavyweight stitching throughout, including cross-stitching at the handles for maximum strength
  • GREAT SIZE- We wanted a size that will not be too small for the various uses you might have for the totes. Our larger size of of 14x12 really sets us apart in the craft tote market and allows these totes to not only be used for crafts but also as a book bag, a wedding bag, a goody bag etc. The long 25 Inch handles will make carrying it around a breeze!
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Your tote fell in the mud!? No problem. Our totes wash very well and the 20% polyester blend makes the totes wrinkle resistant so if it gets dirty or something spills on it all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine to get it clean again.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: You have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Any Questions or Concerns? We will take care of you until you are fully satisfied with your tote bags!

Details: Need a great high quality multi purpose canvas tote bag?

Then we at kelz & Co. have the perfect product. After selling thosands of tote bags from different manufacturers we created what we believe is the ultimate and economical tote bag that will make everyone happy. Our customers use these bags for their craft projects from stencils to embroidery, and from painting to fabric markers.

Need a book bag, goody bag, gift bag or wedding bags?.

Then our lightweight and quality canvas totes are the right fit for you. We guarantee it! If you ever have any issues or concerns please contact us and we will take care of you immediately. Try yours today!

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